Try Ashiatsu Massage for Only $20!

Sole Purpose Massage announces its 2015 schedule of Ashiatsu Demo Days

Ashiatsu is a unique approach to deep tissue massage. Using the feet, and assisted by gravity, this massage works deep muscle layers without being painful. As a massage therapist, I have become an Ashiatsu crusader because I have seen the remarkable benefits of this type of body work for nagging back, shoulder and hip pain, for muscle soreness related to athletic endeavors, and when combined with stretching, for increased movement and range of motion in the body. The feet are an amazing massage tool and I want to share this healing work with everyone!

Since Ashiatsu is a very specialized form of massage, many people who might benefit from it have never heard of it before. To help remedy this situation, I am offering four Ashiatsu Demo Days at my studio in 2015. Demonstrations will be 20 minutes in length and will allow those curious about Ashiatsu to experience this amazing massage firsthand. Best of all, demonstrations are only $20! Reservations for these dates are limited to 6 people each day and you must call 541-610-8622 in advance to reserve your spot.

Dates are: February 7th, May 2nd, August 8th, and November 7, 2015. I look forward to introducing more people to the benefits of Ashiastu DeepFeet Bar Therapy.

Fall is No Match for the Synergy Massage

Do shorter days leave you feeling rough around the edges? A Synergy Massage will make everything better! Start with an immune boosting dry-body brushing, followed by an application of warm coconut oil, paving the way for warm, smooth stones to melt away the blues. This deluxe treatment wraps up with a 1 hour massage for a total of 90 minutes of bliss!  The Synergy Massage also boosts immunity and leaves your skin smooth and glowing.  Book yours now.

Massage 3-packs on Sale

Fall is a great time to make self-care a priority. To encourage you in that endeavor, I'm offering a 10% discount when you purchase a 3-pack of massages. Visit my Gift Certificate and Packages page to pick up your own self-care package today!

3 pack of 60 minute massages = $202.50
3 pack of 90 minute massages = $270.00
3 pack of 2 hour massages = $351.00

Once you've purchased your 3-pack online, head on over to to book your appointment. It's that easy!

Sole Purpose Massage Grand Opening Celebration June 6th


I'm having a party! Sole Purpose Massage is Bend's only massage studio specializing in Ashiastu DeepFeet Bar Therapy. To celebrate, I'm hosting a grand opening celebration on June 6th during the First Friday Art Walk. Art by Shawn Taylor will be featured, along with live music, dance performances and massage demonstrations throughout the evening. Stop by while you are out and about during the Art Walk and register to win a free massage!

Background info: Owner and licensed massage therapist, Karyn Verzwyvelt, has extensive experience in deep tissue massage and the treatment of neck pain, back pain, headaches and a variety of other injuries. Karyn is excited to take over the studio formerly belonging to Roots Massage, and to continue offering therapeutic massage services to Roots Massage clients and the Bend community.

Meet Karyn from 5:00-8:00pm at 325 NW Vermont Place, Suite 104 during the Sole Purpose Massage grand opening celebration.

Sole Purpose Massage to Open Massage Studio in Downtown Bend on June 1st

BEND, OR—Sole Purpose Massage, a therapeutic massage studio offering Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy, will open a new studio at 325 NW Vermont St. Suite 104 on June 1, 2014. A grand opening celebration will take place on June 6th during the First Friday Art Walk.

Owner and licensed massage therapist, Karyn Verzwyvelt, has extensive experience in deep tissue massage and the treatment of neck pain, back pain, headaches and car accident injuries, such as whiplash. Karyn completed the Massage Therapy Program at COCC with a 4.0 GPA, and practiced massage in Portland for several years before returning to Bend in August of 2013. While in Portland she trained and worked at Mudra Massage, the Northwest’s educational center for Ashiatsu Massage. Karyn is excited to take over the studio formerly belonging to Roots Massage, and to continue offering therapeutic massage services to Roots Massage clients and the Bend community.

According to Karyn, “Massage is my soul’s purpose and I love being able to use my hands and my feet to help clients feel better. In addition to my Ashiatsu certification, I've completed over 1000 hours of training with a focus on deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, Thai and sports massage.  I blend techniques from these modalities to create a massage tailored to meet each client’s needs. Whether you are seeking pain relief, a faster recovery from your sporting endeavors, or just want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, I will work with you to achieve your goals.”

Meet Karyn during the June 6th First Friday Art Walk from 5:00-8:00 p.m. There will be art by Shawn Taylor on display, live music by Dave Goodman and friends, dance performances, and massage demonstrations throughout the evening. You can also register for door prizes, including a free massage!

To learn more about Sole Purpose Massage or to book an appointment, visit or call 541-610-8622.


About Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy:

Ashiatsu is a barefoot deep tissue massage in which the therapist uses his or her feet to perform compression and gliding strokes along the body.  The force of gravity combined with the therapist’s weight creates an effortless deep tissue massage and a structural change in muscle tissues, while the client remains comfortable and deeply relaxed. Bars are used above the head for support and balance and warm oil is applied to the body to increase glide. The benefit of massage with the foot is the broad, continuous pressure that makes compression strokes smooth and comfortable instead bony or prodding as from an elbow, thumb or massage tool.  Most strokes are done with one foot on the table and one on the client, so pressure is easily adjusted to keep clients comfortable. Ashiatsu has been called “the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet.” Once your try it, you’ll never go back!

Sole Purpose Massage is Moving!

Exciting news! Sole Purpose Massage continues to grow and to better accommodate my clients, I will be taking over a beautiful studio space at 325 NW Vermont St #104 in Bend at the end of May. Formerly Roots Massage of Bend, I am purchasing Jen Spears' business and launching Sole Purpose Massage in a bigger, more convenient location. 

I'll be posting photos of my new space and updates, including business hours as the date approaches.

Jenny Spears & I: Ashi massage sisters!

Jenny Spears & I: Ashi massage sisters!

February E-news: Loving Yourself

Sweet deals on massages booked during the month of February and Body Talk: What your body would say if it came with an instruction manual. Read our February e-news below.

How about a sweet deal on massage? $50 "Love Thyself" details below.
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“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” — The Buddha


News & Specials from Sole Purpose Massage

Romantic love is in the air. It's all we hear about during the first two weeks of February. But love isn't just romantic. We love our families, our friends, and we should be loving ourselves. Clients often ask me how they can feel better in their bodies. My advice? Love yourself. Take care of yourself first. I've listed a few things below that can really help your body to feel better, and they all have to do with loving and taking care of yourself.  Pick a couple of these things and practice them consistently and you'll be well on your way to feeling better and taking better care of yourself. Cheers to a healthy and happy February! 

If your body came with an instruction manual it would say:
  • Drink more water. Add fresh lemon juice to make it even better for you.
    Why? Our bodies are 60% water and dehydration leads to tight muscles and a decreased ability to produce lubricating fluids for joints and tissues.
  • Learn to breathe.
    Why? Lack of oxygen can rob your organs and muscles of a proper blood flow and nutrients, causing chronic tightening of muscles and tissues. Find more breathing exercises here.
  • Exercise & stretch.
    Why? The health benefits of regular exercise are numerous and well-documented.  Our bodies were designed to move and if we don't move it, we lose it. Strength, range of motion and flexibility all decrease if when we are injured or sedentary.
  • Meditate daily.
    Why? It boosts your immune system, improves brain function, decreases blood pressure and whole lot more!
Loosen up your shoulders and back using just the right amount of pressure with DeepFeet Bar Therapy.
Valentines Day is all about couples, but what about doing something special for yourself?
We all deserve some extra love and attention this month, so to encourage this, I'm offering a LOVE THYSELF massage special: Book an hour massage for only $50 during the month of February. Just put "LOVE" in the notes when you book to receive this special rate.  You know you deserve it!

Click here to book your appointment or call 541-610-8622.
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Hello, Bend, Oregon!


The boxes are unpacked, the house is arranged and soon, I will be offering massage therapy services in Bend, Oregon.   After living in Portland for almost two years, I'm excited to be back to my first Oregon love--the amazing, active, high desert town of Bend.  I'll be offering Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage by appointment at my beautiful studio at 325 NW Vermont Place #104. I look forward to seeing you soon!  And if you've never tried Ashiatsu, check out this video from my former employer, friend, and mentor, Nancy DeLong at Mudra Massage.


Big Changes in 2013!

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be joining the stellar team of massage therapists at Mudra Massage in January of 2013.  Mudra Massage has a beautiful and relaxing space at 2627 NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon and is the place in Portland to receive Ashiatsu Massage.  Come and visit me there!  Online booking is available.  Click here to watch a short video demonstration of Ashiatsu at Mudra Massage.  Doesn't it look wonderful?

This does mean that I'll be taking a break from running Holistic Massage and Movement Arts.  If you are a current client of mine or were considering coming in for a massage, I hope that you will still make an appointment to visit me at Mudra Massage.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and joyful 2013!


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy



Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to take my first Ashiatsu training and it was amazing!  If you've never heard of Ashiatsu, it is a barefoot massage technique using deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body.  Correct application will provide deep relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body.  Bars are used above the head for support and balance and oil is applied to the body.  As the founder says, "It is the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet."  And she's right!  I can't wait to complete my certification and get my bars up!  Click the photo to the right to see more photos from the class.

Massage Myth #1: No Pain, No Gain

Painful massageFrom time to time clients will come in and say something like "go ahead and beat me up" or "you can go really deep on me.  I don't mind if it hurts."  Personal pain tolerances aside, the frequency of this request brings up a really good question: "Does massage have to hurt to be effective?" Therapeutic massage can be uncomfortable and yes, sometimes painful when working on recent or chronic injuries, but the pain should not be a result of a massage therapist digging an elbow into you and ironing you out like a sheet.  Therapeutic discomfort is something to be worked with cautiously and within limits.  For example, working within a client's pain tolerance using a pain scale of 1-10, a well-trained therapist will work within a range of 5-8 and only for a limited amount of time.

The body and mind work as one, with the body being a reflection of the mind and mental state.  When the mind can relax, the body will follow.  That is why I blend both therapeutic and relaxation work into all of my massage sessions, along with hydrotherapy and aromatherapy as appropriate to assist in this process.

If you are seeking massage for muscular tension or chronic injuries, look for a therapist who is able to work with you using a variety of techniques and whose goal is more than just giving a deep massage.  Do they check in regularly with you regarding your pain level when doing therapeutic work?  Are they able to develop and discuss a treatment plan with you if you plan on coming in for a specific injury or problem?  And most importantly, what does your body tell you?  Do you feel better for a few days after your massage or does your condition seem worse?

When it comes to massage therapy, tuning in to your own body and feeling its response to particular techniques or a particular therapist is a much better indicator of effectiveness than the how much pain a therapist can inflict during a session.

Relax! We've got a Saturday Special just for you.

For a limited time I'm offering a discount on Saturday appointments at my office at 1536 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, Oregon.  Book a 60 minute massage and you'll receive 70 minutes of customized massage therapy, plus an additional aromatherapy treatment to help bring your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. *This offer has expired.*  Like me on Facebook to receive updates on massage specials.

Massage available in Beaverton!

Foot massage.Starting August 7th, I will have appointments available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Reunite Massage in Beaverton, Oregon.  As my friend Elise transitions into her maternity leave, I am delighted to fill in for her and provide her signature aromatherapy treats, along with hot and cold stone treatments, and other goodies to keep you feeling your best! During this time I will be accepting new clients, as well as booking appointments with Elise's current clients, so if you need a massage, feel free to contact me to set up a time or book online:

I look forward to meeting you!


Want to relax? Your breath is the key.

Enjoy the Summer edition of Body Sense online magazine from the Association of Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals.  It has tips for getting the most out of your massage experience and a great breathing and relaxation exercise on page 13.  Cheers to your health and wellness this summer!