Warming up the neck and shoulders.

Warming up the neck and shoulders.

Karyn verzwyvelt, lmt #18858 & owner

Massage is my soul's purpose and I love using my hands AND my feet to help people feel better. 

My career as a massage therapist began after an auto accident in 2009.  Massage helped me recover from my injuries and changed my career path forever.  I graduated from COCC’s massage therapy program with a 4.0 GPA and a focus on deep tissue, sports massage and neuromuscular techniques. I trained in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and Ashi Thai during my two-year residency in Portland, and quickly became one of Mudra Massage’s busiest therapists. I continue to study and incorporate new techniques into my practice, and I am always learning new ways to communicate with the body.

As an avid outdoor adventurer and cyclist, I have a deep appreciation for the active, outdoor-loving culture of Central Oregon and I enjoy working with adults of all ages increase their vitality and feel better in their bodies. I am beyond grateful for my clients and their support which enables me to continue the excellent massage and bodywork traditions of my mentors.

In addition to my Ashiatsu certification, I've completed over 1000 hours of training with a focus on deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, Thai and sports massage.  I blend techniques from these modalities with Ashiatsu massage to create a customized massage session tailored to meet each client’s needs. Whether you want to relax, ease your pain, improve your athletic performance, or recover faster, I'll work with you to achieve your goals.

The targeted and professional treatment Karyn provides has been one of the most effective pain relief strategies I have found. Our sessions have no doubt improved the quality of my life.
— Craig Whalen



Kelsey is a graduate of Ashland Institute of Massage. Her passion for bodywork stems from her own healing experience of the effects massage therapy has on performance and injury repair.  She enjoys helping others feel better in their bodies and believes receiving massage is fundamental to achieving balance, health and happiness. 

During sessions she blends a variety of techniques such as Ashiatsu barefoot massage, Myofascial therapy, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai massage and cupping. Kelsey emphasizes her love for Ashiatsu and the ability it has to decrease pain while promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.  Kelsey aims to create the most optimum level of care for each client as she possibly can.

During her free time she enjoys hiking with her husband and dog, practicing yoga, swimming and cruising around on the SUP board.  

Super happy to meet Kelsey and what a great job she did on my tired body after Bend’s long snow season this year. I think I grew two inches taller after she stretched me out. Great experience.
— Kristin B.