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Deep tissue massage specialist in Bend, Oregon. Offering therapeutic massage utilizing Ashiatsu, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and more.

Welcome Our Newest Therapist, Laura Robson


I'm very excited to announce that Sole Purpose Massage will be expanding its hours with the addition of Laura Robson, LMT in January 2018. When I met Laura a few months ago at a continuing education class, I knew that I wanted to get a massage from her. I took me a little while, but I finally scheduled it and wow! I immediately started to hatch a plan to get her over to Sole Purpose Massage. Thankfully, she didn't need much convincing and our schedules naturally aligned so that she was able to work on days that I was not in the office.

I know that choosing a massage therapist is a very personal decision, but based on Laura's skill, training and experience, I am very happy to make her available to clients both new and long-term. I think that our massage styles are similar and I have no reservations recommending her as a therapist. If you would like to book with Laura, she will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-7pm starting on January 2, 2018.

You can read more about Laura on the "Meet Your Therapists" page and book with her online here.

Sole Purpose Massage Owner Featured as DeepFeet Graduate of the Month

DeepFeet is an Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage training and certification organization and in November 2017 they honored me as their Graduate of the Month. "We are extremely proud to announce our November graduate of the month: Karyn Verzwyvelt from Sole Purpose Massage."


Karyn lives in Bend, Oregon where she loves to garden, explore the outdoors and massage with her feet! She has a thriving practice named Sole Purpose Massage where she pushes the envelope with her Ashiatsu skills. Karyn works on many athletic clients and has created some innovative approaches to barefoot massage that are beyond any training she has learned in class, she's a truly one of a kind!

Thanks Karyn for showing your awesomeness and
stepping up in your career!

Learn more about Karyn's journey:

Self-Care Tool Box

Flight attendants remind us about self-care every time we fly. "Should the cabin lose pressure, put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others." An unusual analogy perhaps, but a poignant one. If we don't give ourselves the care we need to function in healthy ways, what will we have left to give to others in our lives? With that in mind here are some self-care resources that I find useful or just plain intriguing.

Nutritious Movement. You are how you move.

Active Isolated Stretching Upper Body Routine
Active Isolated Stretching Lower Body Routine

Healthy Sleep & Why Sleep Matters

We Are Designed to Move--Why Movement is Important

Research Shows Mindfulness Training Has Surprising Health Benefits

Let's Celebrate Year Two!

In celebration of my 2-year anniversary, all massage 3-packs purchased during the month of June are 15% off the regular massage price. That’s right! A 3-pack of 60 minute massages is only $204 during the month of June ($68 each!), 90 minute 3-packs are $280.50 and 2 Hour 3-packs are $357. Plan ahead, buy a 3-pack of your choice, and enjoy massage all summer long! Purchases can be made through my Square Online Store or in person after your appointment.

Thank you for your continued support and two wonderful years of business!

A Balanced Body Starts at the Feet!

Seldom thought of and often neglected, our feet are the literal foundation of our bodies. What is it about the feet that makes them so important? For starters, feet provide a base that supports, aligns, and cushions our muscular and skeletal systems. They transfer all the force from our bodies into the ground and back up into our joints. If the feet and ankles don't move properly, the muscles surrounding our knees and hips try to compensate for the lack of mobility in our feet.

The stronger your feet, the stronger your foundation is for everything you do, be it running, cycling, hiking, etc. Strengthening your feet will help alleviate and prevent pain throughout the rest of your body. Here are five foot-focused exercises that take about five minutes to complete. Put a little extra spring in your step by giving your feet the attention they deserve.

Caring for Our Core Makes Everything Better

First and foremost, our core is not just our abdominal muscles, but all the muscles that move, support, and stabilize the spine, illustrated in the photo to the right.

What are the benefits of a strong core?
Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles. Yoga, ballet, running, kickboxing, and everything in between are made easier when your core is strong. A strong core also helps to prevent and reduce back pain, improves posture, athletic performance and balance, and reduces the risk of injuries from everyday activities.

How can I strengthen my core?
Yoga and Pilates classes are great core strengtheners, as are isometric exercises like the Plank and Bridge poses. The Internet is full of posters and videos of various core strengthening exercises. Decide whether you need beginner, intermediate, or advanced exercises and follow your chosen routine at least three times per week. 

A strong core means less low back and hip pain, better balance, and the ability to move through daily activities with ease. Core self-care will complement massage work on the back, hips and legs, increasing the benefits you receive during your massage session.

Register for a Valentine's Day Partner Massage Playshop

Looking for a unique gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Join us for a Valentine’s Day Partner Massage Playshop from 1-3pm at Sole Purpose Massage in downtown Bend.

Learn simple, fun, and relaxing massage techniques to connect you to your partner, friends, or loved ones through the healing power of touch.  

Licensed Massage Therapist Karyn Verzwyvelt will guide partners through giving and receiving a relaxing, yet therapeutic massage. Receivers will be fully clothed, lying comfortably on blankets on the floor (a nest that can easily be re-created at home). Participants will learn how to give massage in a way that does not harm or fatigue their body and leave with tools to share the healing art of massage with other friends and family, including a detailed handout.  Class will consist of demonstrations, expert guidance, massage practice and of course chocolates and sparkling wine!  Enjoy this light-hearted event with opportunities to deeply connect to each other.

Space is limited, so register soon! Participants must sign up with a friend (best buddy, family member, or significant other).

The cost is $50 per couple until February 7th; $60 each thereafter. Register and make payment by clicking on the photo above which will take you to my secure Square account. Please include the names of both people who are being registered in the "Write a note to the seller" box in your shopping cart. You can also opt to email the names of attendees to Karyn at or by register by calling (541) 610-8622.

Extra Details:

  • Please dress comfortably. Yoga clothes are perfect!
  • No previous massage experience needed.
  • Participants register and attend in pairs.
  • Participants should bring an exercise or yoga mat, 2 thick blankets, 2-3 full-size pillows, 2 bath towels for comfortably positioning the body on the floor.

Shop Small Nov. 28th + Fall News


Imagine Your Best Year Yet

Like many people, I look back over the year as it draws to an end to reflect and set goals for the future. I thought it would be fun to share some statistics from the current year and a few of my dreams for the coming year. More on both of those things below.

Do you know someone who needs a massage? Your recommendations are always deeply appreciated. Why not give them a gift certificate to make sure they get one? This Saturday, November 28th, all gift certificates or massage 3-packs purchased online will have a mini Best Foot Forward treatment added on for free. Massages make great gifts for yourself or someone else!

Finally, to kick off the cold weather season, I've brought back the immune boosting Synergy Massage. It is 90 minutes of hot stone, essential oil, massage bliss. I hope to see you again before 2016!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a healthy 2016!

In honor of Small Business Saturday and as a thank you for shopping small, each gift certificate or massage 3-pack purchased on November 28, 2015, will have a mini Best Foot Forward treatment added to it. The Best Foot Forward treatment includes a lemongrass sugar foot scrub, organic shea butter moisturizer, and 15 minutes of massage focused on your feet. Your local dollars go further and because you supported a small business, so will your massage time!

A Snapshot of 2015:Photo by Pete Erickson
  • YTD Massages Given: 525
  • Continuing Education Hours Completed: Thirty-five (Only twelve are required.) This year it was Myofascial Release Techniques for the Head, Neck, and Jaw, Myofascial Release Techniques for the Lower Leg and Foot, and a Reiki I attunement
  • Knots Tied: 1 (See photo above.)
  • Knots Released: 10,515
  • Goodwill Shared: Donations were made to the Assistance League of Bend, Guide Dogs for the Blind, AIDS/Lifecycle, CRAFT Cats, Deschutes Multi-sport Club, and the Oregon Natural Desert Association.
  • Plans for Next Year: In 2016 Sole Purpose Massage will continue to grow and I will find an amazing therapist to join the Sole Purpose Massage team. If this comes to fruition, my goal is to be able to offer some of Bend's best therapeutic massage 7 days per week with expanded hours. I plan to focus on learning more about injury assessment and treatment, as well as advance my Ashiatsu training, and finally, I plan to start offering continuing education classes for other massage therapists. 2016 holds a lot of promise!
The Synergy Massage: Hot Stones + Immune Boosting Essential Oils + Warm Coconut Oil = Pure Bliss
Do shorter days leave you feeling rough around the edges? A Synergy Massage will make everything better! Start with an immune boosting dry-body brushing, followed by an application of warm coconut oil, paving the way for essential oil infused, warm, smooth stones to melt away the blues. This deluxe treatment is 90 minutes of bliss! The Synergy Massage boosts immunity, relaxes the nervous system, and leaves your skin smooth and glowing. Book yours today!
Thank you for being such an important part of Sole Purpose Massage. Your trust, recommendations and support are a gift and I appreciate each of you immensely. I look forward to continuing our work to keep your body healthy and feeling its best.

Click on the photos to purchase gift certificates online and don't forget about the Small Business Saturday bonus on November 28th!

Fall is No Match for the Synergy Massage

Do shorter days leave you feeling rough around the edges? A Synergy Massage will make everything better! Start with an immune boosting dry-body brushing, followed by an application of warm coconut oil, paving the way for warm, smooth stones to melt away the blues. This deluxe treatment wraps up with a 1 hour massage for a total of 90 minutes of bliss!  The Synergy Massage also boosts immunity and leaves your skin smooth and glowing.  Book yours now.

Massage 3-packs on Sale

Fall is a great time to make self-care a priority. To encourage you in that endeavor, I'm offering a 10% discount when you purchase a 3-pack of massages. Visit my Gift Certificate and Packages page to pick up your own self-care package today!

3 pack of 60 minute massages = $202.50
3 pack of 90 minute massages = $270.00
3 pack of 2 hour massages = $351.00

Once you've purchased your 3-pack online, head on over to to book your appointment. It's that easy!