Try Ashiatsu Massage for Only $20!

Sole Purpose Massage announces its 2015 schedule of Ashiatsu Demo Days

Ashiatsu is a unique approach to deep tissue massage. Using the feet, and assisted by gravity, this massage works deep muscle layers without being painful. As a massage therapist, I have become an Ashiatsu crusader because I have seen the remarkable benefits of this type of body work for nagging back, shoulder and hip pain, for muscle soreness related to athletic endeavors, and when combined with stretching, for increased movement and range of motion in the body. The feet are an amazing massage tool and I want to share this healing work with everyone!

Since Ashiatsu is a very specialized form of massage, many people who might benefit from it have never heard of it before. To help remedy this situation, I am offering four Ashiatsu Demo Days at my studio in 2015. Demonstrations will be 20 minutes in length and will allow those curious about Ashiatsu to experience this amazing massage firsthand. Best of all, demonstrations are only $20! Reservations for these dates are limited to 6 people each day and you must call 541-610-8622 in advance to reserve your spot.

Dates are: February 7th, May 2nd, August 8th, and November 7, 2015. I look forward to introducing more people to the benefits of Ashiastu DeepFeet Bar Therapy.