Welcome Our Newest Therapist, Laura Robson


I'm very excited to announce that Sole Purpose Massage will be expanding its hours with the addition of Laura Robson, LMT in January 2018. When I met Laura a few months ago at a continuing education class, I knew that I wanted to get a massage from her. I took me a little while, but I finally scheduled it and I was really happy with her work. I immediately started to hatch a plan to get her over to Sole Purpose Massage. Thankfully, she didn't need much convincing and our schedules naturally aligned so that she was able to work on days that I was not in the office.

I know that choosing a massage therapist is a very personal decision, but based on Laura's skill, training and experience, I am very happy to make her available to new clients who are looking for a gentler, more relaxing style of massage. If you would like to book with Laura, she will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-6pm starting on January 2, 2018.