Sole Purpose Massage Owner Featured as DeepFeet Graduate of the Month

DeepFeet is an Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage training and certification organization and in November 2017 they honored me as their Graduate of the Month. "We are extremely proud to announce our November graduate of the month: Karyn Verzwyvelt from Sole Purpose Massage."


Karyn lives in Bend, Oregon where she loves to garden, explore the outdoors and massage with her feet! She has a thriving practice named Sole Purpose Massage where she pushes the envelope with her Ashiatsu skills. Karyn works on many athletic clients and has created some innovative approaches to barefoot massage that are beyond any training she has learned in class, she's a truly one of a kind!

Thanks Karyn for showing your awesomeness and
stepping up in your career!

Learn more about Karyn's journey: